Sunday 3 November 2019

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Style

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Style/Clone

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Date: 15/9/19
Batch Number: 2
Beer: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Style/Clone
Kit: Wal's Pale Ale - Liquid malt extract - 1.7kg
Yeast: Fermentis Safale US-05 (dry) - 10g
Hops: 2 x 12g Galaxy 'tea-bags' - Aust 15% Alpha
Specialty Grains: Wheat - 150g
Adjuncts: Country Brewer Brew Booster - 1kg


  1.  Soak extract in sink of hot tap water to soften contents - 15 mins
  2.  Add approx 1L hot tap water to FV. Add brew booster and stir to dissolve
  3.  Steep both hop tea-bags in 2 cups boiling water
  4.  Steep wheat in coffee plunger with boiling water
  5.  Add liquid extract once booster dissolved - stir to mix
  6.  Start filling FV with cold tap water
  7.  Whilst FV filling, add hop tea and tea-bags
  8.  Plunge wheat and add liquid contents to FV
  9.  Re-fill plunger with hot tap water (sparging) and add contents to FV
  10.  Fill FV to 22L
  11.  Pitch yeast
Pitched at 24C

Fermentation Notes

  • Fermentation underway within 24 hours
  • Small krausen formed after 24 hours - thick brown foam
  • 96hrs still high krausen - brown bubbles - fermenting at 20C
  • Day 7 - krausen slowly dropping
  • Day 14 - bottled

Hydrometer Readings

OG: 1037
Day 7: 1008
Day 14: 1005

Bottled after 14 days with carbonation drops

ABV: (1037 - 1005 / 7.46) + 0.5 = 4.79%

Tasting Notes

This one was a little disappointing. Certainly nothing like a S&W Pacific Ale, really. At bottling, the beer tasted good and didn't really have any signs of the "twang", however, this twangy homebrew flavour certainly developed in the bottle and is very prevalent when drinking it now, which is disappointing. It's got a fairly sweet note because of the wheat grain as well.


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