Tuesday 25 May 2021

Converting Water Alkalinity - HCO3 to CaCO3

When diving into the world of water chemistry, one thing that I've come across is a couple of different units of measurement for water alkalinity.

Alkalinity refers to the acid neutralizing capabilities of the water and is commonly measured in CaCO3 or HCO3.

My local water report through Sydney water gives an alkalinity reading in mg CaCO3/L. The problem I have is that the brewing app I use (Brewfather) measures water alkalinity in HCO3.

Thankfully the process for converting between the two is very straight forward;

An example water report from Sydney Water showing water alkalinity

Converting from CaCO3 to HCO3

To convert from CaCO3 to HCO3, simply multiply the CaCO3 value by 1.22

Using the example above, you can see we have a value of 47.9 mg CaCO3/L - so to convert this to HCO3 we multiply by 1.22. 47.9 x 1.22 = 58.438

Converting from HCO3 to CaCO3

To convert from HCO3 to CaCO3, divide the HCO3 value by 1.22.

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