Monday 31 May 2021

Juice Bomb Hazy IPA - Recipe & Review


Thanks to Cheeky Peak Brewery for the recipe and ingredients

Date: 30/5/2021

Batch Number: 14

Batch Volume: 25L

2-Row Pale Malt - 4kg
Flaked Oats - 0.8kg
Malted Wheat - 0.8kg

Mash: 66c (60 mins)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.053
Final Gravity (FG): 1.012

Hop Schedule
10g Columbus/Tomahawk - 60 mins - 16.3% (16.3 IBU)
15g Amarillo - 7.8% - 80C Hopstand 20 mins (1.6 IBU)
15g Galaxy - 12.3% - 80C Hopstand 20 mins (2.5 IBU)
15g Mosaic - 11.3% - 80C Hopstand 20 mins (2.3 IBU)
50g Amarillo - 7.8% - Dry Hop High Krausen
50g Galaxy - 12.3% - Dry Hop High Krausen
50g Mosaic - 11.3% - Dry Hop High Krausen
50g Amarillo - 7.8% - Final Gravity
50g Galaxy - 12.3% - Final Gravity
50g Mosaic - 11.3% - Final Gravity

Yeast: Lallemand New England East Coast Ale

Mash Water: 23.55L
Sparge Water: 9.81L


This beer is amazing - and is definitely my best all-grain brew to date. Thankfully my brews (in my opinion at least) have been trending upwards and getting better with each batch. I'm pretty certain the biggest difference with this batch was the adjustments I made to my water chemistry - which really helped to bring out the hop flavours.

The oats and wheat specialty malts gives the beer and nice, bright and light colour, with a slight amount of haze (which could also be from all the hops, or chill haze, or both) - it may clear over time, but for now it's definitely present. Taste wise it has a nice subtle and velvety mouth feel.

The Juice Bomb Hazy IPA in the glass

The combination of hops is also excellent and makes for a nice, fruity and juicy taste. Mosaic, amarillo and galaxy hops are popular hop varieties that work well together and complement each other nicely.

Although I have an unwritten rule about never brewing the same beer twice, this one is definitely making me reconsider - I don't think it will last long in the keg!

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