Saturday 1 May 2021

Aussie Pale Ale Recipe & Review


Thanks to Cheeky Peak Brewery for the recipe and ingredients

Date: 11/4/21

Batch Number: 13

Batch Volume: 25L

2-Row Pale Malt: 4.4kg
Wheat Malt: 0.3kg
Crystal 10L: 0.2kg

Mash: 65c (60 mins)
Sparge: 76c

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.045
Original Gravity: 1.008

Hop Schedule
10g Super Pride (14.3%) - 60 mins
25g Galaxy (12.3%) - 0 mins (flameout)
25g Vic Secret (14%) - 0 mins (flameout)
25g Galaxy (12.3%) - Dry Hop 3 days
24g Vic Secret (14%) - Dry Hop 3 days

Yeast: US05

Mash Water: 21.45L
Sparge Water: 11.35L


First batch to be fermented in my recently purchased Fermzilla All Rounder 30L. Actual OG was 1.042 - still a few points off the target/expected but I'm getting closer/better with each brew. Tastes great and first brew out of my new keg so hoping it will keep better than previous brews in bottles.

Aussie Pale Ale in the glass

Tasting Notes/Review

As mentioned above, this is the first beer that I fermented in my new Fermzilla All Rounder fermenter, and the first beer I've put into a keg instead of bottling. For me, this has made all the difference in maintaining a consistently good flavour in my beer when compared to my old process of bottling. The flavour of this beer is great - very easy drinking and not especially overpowering at only 4.5% ABV. 

The crystal malt gives it a somewhat dark and browny colour compared to other pale ales - but the mixture of different malts gives it a nice subtle balance which you'd typically expect from a pale ale like this. The level of bitterness is well matched with the amount of dry hops giving it a somewhat fruity flavour without being overwhelming or overpowering. A great baseline to use for creating other recipes - keep the quantities of ingredients but just change them out - perhaps some munich instead of crystal next time? Or perhaps some centennial and cascade hops instead?

Speaking of hops, the Vic Secret and Galaxy hops make an excellent combination that I haven't used before. I often found flavours reminscent of the Young Henry's Newtowner or the Matilda Bay's Fat Yak pale ale - two great Aussie Pale Ale beers that I love.

A tasty and straightforward recipe I'd encourage any pale ale fan to give a go.

Have you brewed the Cheeky Peak Aussie Pale Ale recipe or something similar? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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