Wednesday 7 February 2024

Cheap DIY Beer Line Cleaner

In a previous post we covered our process to easily clean beer lines using a simple PET soda/soft drink bottle, a couple of carbonation caps and a T-piece adapter. This has worked well for us for some time but has a couple of draw backs. Firstly, the largest soda bottle size you can typically get is around 3L, and secondly, you need a CO2 gas source to make it work.

After recently watching a video from The Home Brew Network on YouTube, Gavin outlined his latest process for cleaning his kegerator beer lines using a simple garden pressure sprayer, and after he mentioned how cheap they can be (less than AU$15) we thought we'd give it a go for ourselves.

This is the Garden Pressure Spray we went for, and we're pretty sure it's identical to the one Gavin mentions in his video. From memory it was about AU$13 from Bunnings

Out of the box it comes neatly coiled up, so the first thing to do is uncoil the hose from around the neck.

Once uncoiled you can unscrew the grey plastic collar to and pull the black hose from the blue hand held sprayer component

Next, you insert a plastic carbonation cap into the black hose. The black hose diameter is almost the perfect size for the carb cap to slip right in, then secure it with a zip tie or hose clamp to ensure you don't get any leaks.

And that's pretty much it. For less than AU$20 all up (for the sprayer and a plastic carbonation cap) you can have a dedicated beer line cleaner all setup and ready to go. We like that this has can hold up to 5L of cleaning solution in it, and no CO2 gas is required - simply use the inbuilt pump, connect your liquid disconnect to the carbonation cap for each of your taps/lines, sit a bucket under the tap and away you go. So easy, cheap and effortless.

These kind of cheap and effective solutions are ideal for homebrewers, and making things like this as easy as possible make you more inclined to actually use them!

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