Friday 10 April 2020

BentSpoke "Barley Griffin" Style Pale Ale Recipe

BentSpoke Barley Griffin Style Pale Ale

Date: 10/4/2020
Batch Number: 8
Beer: Pale Ale
  • 1.5kg Light Liquid Malt Extract (LME)
  • 1.5kg Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)
  • 450g Wheat Grain
  • Ekuanot (bittering & flavour/aroma)
  • Mosaic (flavour/aroma)
Yeast: US05
IBU: 28
Expected OG: 1.048
Expected FG: 1.012

Hop Schedule

  • 60min - 10g Ekuanot - 14.7%AA - 16.11 IBU
  • 10min - 10g Mosaic - 15.5%AA - 6.13 IBU
  • 10min - 10g Ekuanot - 14.7%AA - 5.82 IBU
  • 0min - 10g Mosaic - 15.5%AA
  • 0min - 10g Ekuanot - 14.7%AA
  • Dry Hop - 4 days - 15g Ekuanot - 13%AA
  • Dry Hop - 4 days - 15g Mosaic - 11.5%AA

Notes: The Barley Griffin is one of my favourite beers - got the hops from the Bent Spoke website - hoping to make something even remotely similar to this great beer. My IBU's are higher than what Bentspoke advertise on their website (18 IBU's) but we'll see what happens.


  1. Put 6L of tap water into kettle/large pot and bring to the boil (put lid on pot to help it heat up faster)
  2. While waiting for the large kettle to boil, add 4L of tap water to a smaller pot/saucepan and heat to 71C
  3. While waiting for both pots to come up to temperature, add the 450g wheat into a hop/grain bag
  4. Once the small pot reaches 71C, turn off the heat and steep the wheat hop/grain bag in it for 30 mins.  You can dunk/move the grain in the pot like a tea-bag to ensure all the grain is wetted
  5. After 20 minutes (10 minute left of steeping), soak the 1.5kg light liquid malt extract in a tub of hot tap water to soften contents
  6. After the 30 mins has elapsed, sparge (rinse) the grains with 1L of hot tap water. Discard the used grain
  7. Remove the large kettle from the heat (regardless of whether or not it has boiled), and add all the liquid from the small pot and also add the 1.5kg light liquid malt extract - stirring whilst adding to help it dissolve
  8. Fill the light liquid malt extract container with hot tap water - leave to stand for a few minutes to dissolve the remaining contents. Add the contents to the large kettle
  9. Return the large kettle to the heat and wait for it to boil (ensure lid is not on the pot/kettle at this point)
  10. Once the large kettle is boiling, start a 60 minute timer and add the first bittering hops (as per hop schedule above)
  11. After 50 minutes (ie. 10 minutes remaining in the boil), add the second set of hops (as per hop schedule above)
  12. After 60 minutes has elapsed (ie. 0 minutes remaining in the boil), remove the kettle from the heat and add the final set of hops (as per hop schedule above)
  13. Place kettle in sink of water/ice water to cool (or use other cooling method - eg. immersion chiller)
  14. Whilst waiting for the wort to cool, add 5L of cold tap water to the fermenting vessel (FV)
  15. Add the 1.5kg light dry malt extract to the FV, stirring whilst slowly adding to help it dissolve
  16. Once the wort in the large pot has cooled to less than 26 degrees, tip all the contents in the FV and stir to mix. You can use a filter/strainer to filter out the trub/large particles from the boil - I don't do this but you can if you prefer
  17. Top up the FV to 23L with cold tap water - ideal pitching temperature should be 20-24C - stirring constantly to mix and aerate the wort
  18. Pitch yeast
Pitched at 25C - put into fermentation fridge and dropped to 22C

Hydrometer Readings

Actual OG: 1.043 (+4 points for inaccurate hydrometer = ~1.047)

Day 7: 1.008 (+4 points for inaccurate hydrometer = ~1.012)

Actual FG:  1.008 (+4 points for inaccurate hydrometer = ~1.012)

Tasting Notes

Fermentation Day 7: Tastes good - Ekuanot as a bittering hop has definitely hit the mark. Initial thoughts are that it is more bitter than expected, but will likely balance out, especially after dry hopping

After bottling and letting condition for 7 days I tried the first one and it's definitely a winner. Without a doubt ekuanot is the bittering hop used - my version is perhaps a little more bitter, but also a little more "hoppy" which helps to balance this out. Mosaic is an excellent flavour addition hop and makes an excellent combination with the ekuanot.

I'm hoping to do a side by side comparison with the real deal soon which will help me further fine tune this recipe!



  1. Replies
    1. I meant what would you change, IBU rating?

    2. Yes I think I'd increase the IBU's a little bit and perhaps use a little more ekuanot than mosaic in the hop schedule as the mosaic seems to really dominate

  2. You refine this at all over the year?

  3. I got a similar recipe fermenting before I found this thread. Havent dry hopped yet. Was gonna go 50/50 but based on this might do more like 60/40 or even 70/30

  4. You refine this at all over the last year?

  5. Hi Mick - haven't made this one again but I think it's on the to do list. Let us know how your one turns out. What recipe did you use?

    1. My go to pale ale grain bill is:
      80% pale
      9% wheat malt
      4% carapils
      4% acid malt
      2% caramalt
      1% caramunich 1

      Bittering hop to ~20 IBU. I used Centennial in this case. Will use Equanot next time.

      Equal proportions of Equanot and Mosaic in the whirlpool. I used 45g of each for 60L.

      Plan was to dry hop with about 45g of each.

    2. Sounds pretty good - let us know how it turns out!