Saturday 12 March 2022

Plaato Keg Integration with

 After recently purchasing (and reviewing) our Plaato Keg - we wanted to integrate it with our account to allow keg volume levels to automatically synchronise to our digital tap list/menu.

The instructions for were inaccurate at the time of writing this article so we thought we'd document the process to help out any future travellers, and also demonstrate how this great feature works.

The first thing you need to do is get your API auth key/token from Plaato Support. The only way to do this at the moment is to email them - I received a welcome email from after purchasing my Plaato Keg so I simply responded to this email asking for the auth key. I had a response within 24 hours which was great.

If you haven't done so already, you'll obviously need a account - you can set up a free account with limited functionality but from a homebrewing level may be all that you need. This integration can be setup using a free account.

Once you've got your Plaato Keg auth key and your accounts setup, login to and follow the steps below;

  1. Go to Account > Integrations > Plaato Keg then click the Add a Plaato Keg button

  2. Paste your auth key/token (provided by Plaato) into the text box and assign it to a Tap then click the Save button

    If you need to check which tap is which, go to Dashboard > Menu > All Taps

  3. The Plaato Keg device will now appear under the Integrations menu. You can assign it to a different tap if necessary using the drop down box as well

  4. Last Sync for us showed as "Unknown" - you will need to wait for the next sync to occur for data to be read from Plaato and into There is no way to manually force a sync to run but they apparently run every 10 minutes. Ours updated within a few minutes of adding the Plaato Keg

  5. Once the last sync status shows as OK, you can refresh your page to view the updated volume. The temperature from the Plaato Keg is also displayed for the keg as per the example below

  6. You can also view the capacity under the Keg Room menu of

  7. Under Web Settings, you can also configure how volumes will be displayed. There are options for Litres Remaining, Gallons Remaining, Percent Remaining & Meter

  8. Once a few sync's have run between Plaato and, a neat little graph will appear showing volume and temperature logs

This is a great feature integration and is a really nice and neat method of displaying your tap menu and remaining volume levels. Keep in mind though that there is a delay with volumes being updated - it isn't instantaneous due to the nature of the integration between and Plaato. If you need real time information you can check it using the Plaato app.

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