Wednesday 14 February 2024

Gladfield American Pale Ale - Tasting Results & Review

We'll keep this one fairly brief, as there isn't really too much to say except that this one unfortunately didn't turn out well at all. 

It would seem that we were a bit too aggressive with our dry hopping - in particular the use of CTZ (Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus) which has lead to a harsh, lingering bitterness on the finish that has rendered this one pretty much undrinkable - even after conditioning for good month or two. We ended up tipping this one down the drain - the first batch we've ever had to dump.

Life's too short to be forcing yourself to drink beer you don't love, or at least like, so it was disappointing but we've got plenty more beers lined up to brew, so onwards and upwards.

The actual grain bill seemed pretty decent so we will likely try this one again in the future with a different hop schedule, but here's the dry hop dosage we went for. Some of these hops were pretty old so we were happy to use them up in any case!

60g El Dorado
42g Galaxy
35g Chinook
35g CTZ

Looking at these numbers and we wouldn't have thought the CTZ dosage would impart so much bittnerness - we certainly don't recall that overwhelming bitterness on the finish when we tested it prior to dry hopping.

We also think the pale ale water profile in Brewfather that we use has a really high count of sulfates which would only help to accentuate the bitterness so we may look at adjusting our use of this water profile in the future as well.

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