Thursday 20 January 2022

KegLand BrewZilla Gen 4 Release - First Impressions

The next generation of KegLand's all in one brewery system, the BrewZilla has finally been published on the KegLand website. Here's our initial thoughts on the design and features now that we have  confirmation on the details.

BrewZilla Gen 4
Image used with permission from KegLand

  • The general size and footprint of the unit appears to be relatively unchanged - which is good as the small footprint was convenient for storage, and brewers with limited space. The tall narrow design does cause temperature variations between the top and the bottom, compared to shorter and wider designs though but this can compensated for relatively easily.

    BrewZilla Gen 4
    Image used with permission from KegLand

  • Release date (for Australia) is March 16, 2022.

  • Possibly the biggest and most significant change is the relocation of the digital display and control panel from the base of the unit to the top. This is a big step in the right direction and will greatly improve the ergonomics and usability of the BrewZilla. There appears to be a single lead connecting the display back to the base of the unit which would likely be easily disconnected for removal and cleaning. No more worrying about getting the display wet when cleaning! The screen is now colour as well which is a nice addition and can be tilted up/down for easier viewing depending on your height.

  • Pump and heating elements are all now electronically controlled from the display. Time will tell how this one plays out - we liked the benefit of having a 'kill switch' for the pump and electric heating elements. Certainly in the case of a boilover, it was great to be able to quickly shutoff the heating element(s) with the flick of a switch. Some closeup pictures of the screen (which aren't currently available) would help determine how this works. Perhaps physical buttons instead of touch screen functions for this?

  • The base of the unit is now concaved meaning that wort can be more easily drained from the unit without needing to tip/tilt it.

  • Rapt portal integration - brew day information such as mash time and temperature can be logged to the Rapt portal and it also appears the BrewZilla can be controlled from the portal (or app) as well. Notifications and alarms can also be setup to automatically notify on certain events such as strike temp being reached, hops needing to be added etc. The Rapt portal is an exciting and innovative idea and we're excited to see how it plays out with the integration of a range of different brewing devices/equipment.

  • Bluetooth gateway - the BrewZilla can act as a bluetooth gateway/ repeater meaning that other devices such as bluetooth thermometers can communicate with the BrewZilla which can then repeat/relay this information elsewhere - such as the Rapt portal.

  • Ball lock tap at the base of the unit appears to be unchanged from the previous model.

  • Recirculation pipe from the base of the unit with a flow control valve also appears unchanged. KegLand state an "improved recirculation arm design". It's unclear so far what this means. As far as we can tell from the photos it's still got a standard camlock fitting which was known to come loose fairly easily on the previous generation BrewZilla. Strongly suspect this issue would have been addressed though.

    BrewZilla Gen 4 - recirculation pipe and lid
    Image used with permission from KegLand

  • False bottom protection screen - an additional screen to go over the false bottom to help filter hop/trub material and prevent it from entering (and clogging) the pump

  • Standard IEC power cable - similar to what plugs into the back of most computer power supplies, this is a good improvement as the power cable can now be removed when cleaning the unit and for storage.

  • Immersion chiller - still appears to be stainless steel and unchanged from the previous generation.

  • Two stage malt pipe removal - the malt pipe can now be lifted and set to 2 different heights for sparging - useful for smaller batches.

    BrewZilla Gen 4 - malt pipe removal stage 1
    Image used with permission from KegLand

    BrewZilla Gen 4 - malt pipe removal stage 2
    Image used with permission from KegLand

  • Pump for the recirculation arm is still located in the base of the unit and is easily accessible for repairs/servicing. Obviously there are fewer electric components in the base now which is good due to the relocation of the digital display. There are still some electronic components in the base which are sealed away, and the bottom cover has been removed completely leaving the pump and hoses/connections exposed.
    BrewZilla Gen 4 - underside view of base with no cover
    Image used with permission from KegLand

  • Larger, more ergonomic handles on the glass lid. The handles are now made of stainless instead of the previous plastic 'ball' type handles.

    BrewZilla Gen 4 - new glass lid handle
    Image used with permission from KegLand

  • Larger malt pipe design - malt pipe is now 30% larger than the previous generation meaning more grain and therefore high gravity beers can now be made without needing reiterated mashes.
  • There is an optional accessory for an "low volume CIP rotor" - ie. cleaning in place head. No pictures or info on this yet but we're looking forward to seeing more detail on this.

  • Available in 35L, 65L and 100L versions.

  • "Ultra Low Watt Density" heating elements are stated, but not clear on the exact power rating on these and if they are the same or changed from the Gen 3 BrewZilla.

  • Advertised price is currently AU$599 which is AU$200 more than the current price of the BrewZilla 3.1.1 (AU$399). Although a sizeable 50% increase from the previous version, it is still significantly cheaper than other single vessel breweries such as the recently released GrainFather G40.

What are your thoughts on the features and price of the BrewZilla Gen 4? Will you be upgrading?

You can check out pictures and more information on the BrewZilla Gen 4 on KegLand's website.


  1. Could someone tell me the height without the lid?

    1. Jump onto the KegLand Homebrew Community Group on Facebook and post it there as a question - I'm sure someone who has a Gen 4 will measure it for you and let you know.