Sunday 13 February 2022

Nomad Brewing Co - Rollin Haze - Hazy Pale Ale - Beer Review

Review Date: 12/2/2022
Brewery Name: Nomad Brewing Co (Brookvale, NSW, Australia)
Beer Name: Rollin Haze - Hazy Pale Ale

"Get rollin' with this hazy pale ale from award-winning Nomad Brewery. Loaded with oats for the haze and left unfiltered for extra flavour and a soft creamy mouthfeel. Southern Hemisphere hops are featured in this pale with the use of Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and a new experimental hop to give a combination of citrus, gooseberry and tropical fruit aromas."

Nomad Rollin Haze Hazy Pale Ale can


Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 4.6% (Standard)

Label/Design: 9/10 - very cool 

Serving Style: Can

Region of Origin: Pacific (Australia, New Zealand)

Style Family: Pale Ale

Malts/Adjuncts: Oats

Hops: Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, New "experimental" hop

IBU's: Unknown

Nomad Brewing - Rollin Haze Hazy Pale Ale Can Notes


Colour: Pale Straw


Brilliant Clear Slight Haze Hazy

Collar of Foam & Head Retention


(Up to 15 secs)

(15 - 60 secs) 

(more than 60 secs)

Foam Texture

N/A Thin Fluffy Mousse-Like

Carbonation (Visible)

None Slow Medium Fast-Rising Bubbles

Alcohol Aroma

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Aroma & Flavour

Esters Aroma: None
Phenols: None

Alcohol Taste:

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Hop Pungency:

Mild Moderate Strong Extreme

Hop Bitterness:

Restrained Moderate Aggressive Harsh

Malt Sweetness:

Low Medium High Cloying


Low Medium High


Light Bodied
Medium Bodied
(Light + Full)
Full Bodied
(Round, Rich & Creamy)

Palate Carbonation: 

Low Medium High


(Up to 15 seconds)
(15 to 60 seconds)
(More than 60 seconds)

Oxidative/Aged Qualities: None

Nomad Rollin Haze Hazy Pale Ale in the Craftd Alpha glass


Drinkability: 7/10

Overall Impression: 7/10


Not as hazy as the name would have you believe. The can label is very cool and demands to be seen. It practically jumps off the shelf and into your hands. Nelson Sauvin hops give such a unique flavour and mix well with Galaxy and whatever this 'experimental' hop they used as well. The body is light in colour and mouthfeel with medium fizz. A nice and welcome change from the typical tropical fruit pale ales with some unique hop flavours combining for a fairly short, yet refreshing finish. ABV is relatively low at 4.6% meaning you can put a few of these bad boys away without feeling too woozy.

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