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Popular Craft Beer Hop Combinations

This will be an ongoing post that we're hoping to continuously update with hop combinations we come across in our beer travels. They won't be in any particular order, so a "find" on the page might be the best way to locate a particular hop you're looking for, to see what other hops it has been paired with by commercial breweries.

We feel this could be useful when researching/developing recipes to see what others have done. Chances are if a commercial brewery has used a particular hop combination, it's probably going to work reasonably well, though obviously we don't know what hops were used for bittering, flavour/aroma or dry hops, or the ratios in which they have been used, but hey, we've at least got a starting point, right?

It's interesting to see some of the patterns too - it appears breweries tend to favour particular hops and will usually have at least one hop variety that will feature in most of their beers, which arguably forms part of their signature flavour.

We'll be focusing on Australian breweries and beers to start, but will include some popular American breweries as well. Anything on this list has been added as the information has been made available directly from the brewery website - we won't be including any combinations sourced elsewhere, and unfortunately not all breweries share the hops that are used in their beers - but thankfully many of them do. We'll also be focusing more on the core range of beers, and less on limited and seasonal releases, with the view that if you want to see first hand what a particular hop combination might taste like, you can try and track down a particular beer from this list that is hopefully available year round.

Bentspoke - Barley Griffin Pale Ale - Ekuanot, Mosaic

Bentspoke - Crankshaft IPA - Ekuanot, Simcoe, Citra, Centennial

Bentspoke - Sprocket IPA - Mosaic, Amarillo, Fortnight

Little Creatures - Pale Ale - East Kent Goldings (bittering), Cascade, Chinook

Little Creatures - Pacific Ale - Galaxy, Magnum

Little Creatures - Hazy IPA - El Dorado, Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, Azacca

Little Creatures - XPA - Galaxy, US Crystal, NZ Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic

Little Creatures - Rogers' - East Kent Goldings, Cascade, Stella

Stone & Wood - Pacific Ale - Galaxy

Stone & Wood - Mango Pale Ale - Galaxy

Stone & Wood - Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale - Vic Secret, Eclipse, Galaxy

Stone & Wood - Cloudy Pale Ale - Galaxy, Eclipse, Vic Secret, Ella, Enigma

Capital Brewing Co - Coast Ale (Pale Ale) - Saaz, Hallertau, Northern Brewer

Capital Brewing Co - Hang Loose Juice (Hazy IPA) - Amarillo, Amarillo CRYO, Mosaic, Eclipse

Capital Brewing Co - Trail (American Pale Ale) - Magnum, Simcoe, Motuea, Cascade, Galaxy, Ella

Capital Brewing Co - Summit (Hazy Mid) - Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe, Vic Secret

Capital Brewing Co - Good Drop (Low Carb Lager) - Pride of Ringwood, Topaz

Capital Brewing Co - New Wave (West Coast IPA) - Idaho Gem, HBC 638, Mosaic, Citra

Capital Brewing Co - XPA (Pale Ale) - Amarillo, Mosaic, El Dorado, Eclipse

Capital Brewing Co - Rock Hopper (IPA) - Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale - Cascade

Sierra Nevada - Torpedo (IPA) - Magnum, Crystal, Citra

Sierra Nevada - Atomic Torpedo (DIPA) - Cascade, Centennial, Magnum, Mosaic

Sierra Nevada - Hazy Little Thing (Hazy IPA) - Citra, El Dorado, Magnum, Mosaic, Simcoe

Sierra Nevada - Big Little Thing (Imperial IPA) - Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Crystal, Idaho 7, Magnum, Mosaic

Sierra Nevada - Cosmic Little Thing (Hazy Double IPA) - Comet, Eureka, Helios, Simcoe, Strata

Sierra Nevada - Tropical Little Thing (Hazy IPA) - Amarillo, Cascade, El Dorado, Sabro, Sultana

Sierra Nevada - Juicy Little Thing (Hazy IPA) - Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, Stirling

Sierra Nevada - Dank Little Thing (Hazy IPA) - Amarillo, Chinook, CTZ, Mosaic

Two Bays Brewing Co - IPA - Galaxy, Mosaic, Amarillo, Magnum

Two Bays Brewing Co - Session Ale - Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin

Two Bays Brewing Co - No Doubt (Stout) - East Kent Goldings

Two Bays Brewing Co - XPA - Simcoe, Ekuanot, Magnum

Two Bays Brewing Co - Lager - Saphir, Premiant

Two Bays Brewing Co - Pale Ale - Citra, Cascade, Magnum

Sydney Brewery - Pilsner - Saaz, Magnum

Sydney Brewery - Pale Ale - Cascade, Amarillo, Enigma, Eclipse

Sydney Brewery - Dark Lager - Saaz, Magnum

Sydney Brewery - Lager - Magnum, Hersbrucker, Tettnanger

Sydney Brewery - East Coast IPA - Magnum, Topaz, Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy

Sydney Brewery -  Mid Strength Ale - Magnum, Pride of Ringwood

Moo Brew - Flanders Red (Red Ale) - Hersbrucker

Moo Brew - Pale Ale - Centennial, Cascade, Vic Secret

Moo Brew - IPA - Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic

Moo Brew - Brew Tassie Ale - Topaz, Vic Secret, Galaxy

Moo Brew - Brew Tassie Lager - Topaz, Magnum

Moo Brew - Dark Ale - Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade

Moo Brew - Pilsner - Centennial, Spalt

Moo Brew - Session Ale - Centennial, Galaxy, Mosaic

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Gipps St Pale Ale - Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Big Sky Hazy Pale - Citra, Sabro, Ekuanot

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Laneway Lager - Motueka, Pacifica

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Hop Stomper IPA - Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, Cascade

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Footloose Alcohol Free Pale Ale - Citra, Ekuanot

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Passionfruit Smash (Sour) - Riwaka, Mosaic

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Raspberry Smash (Sour) - Galaxy

Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Bunker Porter - Centennial, East Kent Goldings

Hawkers - Pilsner - Perle, Mittelfruh, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Pacifica

Hawkers - Pale Ale - Amarillo, Centennial, Mosaic, Citra, Chinook

Hawkers - Hazy Pale - Cascade, Citra, Motueka, Mosaic

Hawkers - IPA - Simcoe, Mosaic, Centennial, Citra, Nelson Sauvin

Hawkers - Hazy IPA - Mosaic, Motueka, Citra, Galaxy

Hawkers - West Coast IPA - Southern Cross, Simcoe, Mosaic, Northern Brewer

Hawkers - Stout - Cascade

Hawkers - Double West Coast IPA - Southern Cross, Simcoe, Mosaic, HBC 586

Dainton Beer - Equalizer Pale Ale - Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy, Sabro

Dainton Beer - Major Tom Light IPA - Mosaic Cryo, Columbus, Cascade

Dainton Beer - Jungle Juice Hazy IPA - Ahtanum, Engima, Galaxy, El Dorado, Simcoe, Citra

Dainton Beer - Blood Orange Juicy IPA - Hallertau Blanc, El Dorado, Mosaic, Citra

Dainton Beer - Overdrive West Coast IPA - Columbus, Mosaic, Strata, Simcoe

Black Hops Brewery - East Coast Haze - Dr Rudi, Idaho 7, Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo, Eclipse, Mosaic

Black Hops Brewery - G.O.A.T Hazy IPA - Mosaic, El Dorado, Amarillo, Columbus, Dr Rudi, Citra, Ella, Riwaka

Black Hops Brewery - Hornet IPA - Dr Rudi, Cascade, Citra, Idaho 7

Black Hops Brewery - Lager - Dr Rudi

Black Hops Brewery - Send It Low Carb Session Ale - Dr Rudi, Citra, Hort, Idaho 7

Black Hops Brewery - Super Hornet Double IPA - Dr Rudi, Amarillo, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe, Vic Secret 

Stockade Brew Co - Refreshing Ale - Topaz, Ella

Stockade Brew Co - Splices XPA - Ella, Galaxy, Dry Hop - Centennial, Citra

Stockade Brew Co - Flight Path Pale Ale - Topaz, Cascade, Nelson Sauvin, Dry Hop - Nelson Sauvin

Stone Brewing - Delicious Citrus IPA - Amarillo, Talus, El Dorado

Stone Brewing - Pilsner - Cashmere, Vista

Stone Brewing - Hazy IPA - El Dorado, Azacca, Sabro

Stone Brewing - Dayfall Belgian White - Citra

Stone Brewing - Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager - Liberty

Stone Brewing - Fear. Movie. Lions. (FML) Hazy Double IPA - Loral, Mosaic

Stone Brewing - Tangerine Express Hazy IPA - Magnum, Centennial, Citra, Sterling, Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade, Azacca

Deeds Brewing - Double Time Hazy Pale - Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe

Deeds Brewing - Juice Train NEIPA - Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Galaxy

Deeds Brewing - Half Time Pale Ale - Citrus, Vic Secret

Deeds Brewing - Zero Alcohol Free Pale Ale - Simcoe, Citra, Vic Secret, Amarillo

Deeds Brewing - Pre Game Pale Ale - Citra

Deeds Brewing - Draught - Mandarina Bavaria, Warrior

Vale Brewing - Vale Ale - Amarillo, Cascade

Vale Brewing - Vale Lager - Tettnang, Helga, NZ Pacifica

Vale Brewing - Vale IPA - Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Citra

Vale Brewing - Vale Mid Coast Bright Ale - Cascade, Vic Secret

Vale Brewing - Vale Parched Az Pilsner - Nelson Sauvin

The Bondi Brewing Co - Beach Beer Bondi XPA - Centennial, Galaxy

The Bondi Brewing Co - Bondi IPA West Coast IPA - Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Galaxy, Simcoe, Topaz

The Bondi Brewing Co - Bondi Draught Lager - Pearle, Saaz

The Bondi Brewing Co - Bondi Thicc Hazy IPA - Amarillo, Centennial, Mosaic

The Bondi Brewing Co - Beach Middy Lager - Pearle, Saaz

The Bondi Brewing Co - Bondi Tiramisu Stout GRANA colab - East Kent Golding

Esker Beer Co - Pacific Ale - Galaxy, Citra, Melba

Esker Beer Co - Lager - Crystal, Mosaic, Pacific Gem

Esker Beer Co - Hazy Pale - NZ Nectaron ("primary flavour driver")

Esker Beer Co - Centennial, Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo

Kaiju! Beer - Kaiju! Krush Tropical Pale Ale - Mosaic, Cascade, Simcoe, Motueka, Citra

Kaiju! Beer - Pleazure Kruze Hazy Pale Ale - Citra, Mosaic, Nelson, El Dorado, Galaxy, Amarillo

Kaiju! Beer - Cerveza Crisp Lager - Magnum

Kaiju! Beer - Metamorphosis West Coast IPA - Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe

Kaiju! Beer - Aftermath Double IPA - Mosaic, Chinook, Simcoe, Columbus

Bridge Road Brewers - Beechworth Pale Ale - Cascade, Nelson Sauvin, East Kent Goldings, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Vic Secret

Bridge Road Brewers - Free Time Alcohol Free Pale Ale - Citra, Simcoe, Enigma

Bridge Road Brewers - Bling IPA - Vic Secret, Enigma, Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe

Bridge Road Brewers - Little Bling IPA - Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe

Bridge Road Brewers - Beechy XPA - El Dorado, Galaxy, Vic Secret

Bridge Road Brewers - Robust Porter - Northern Brewer, Fuggles

Bridge Road Brewers - Celtic Red Ale - Northern Brewer, East Kent Golding, Williamette

Bridge Road Brewers - Lemon, Lime & Hop Bitters - Enigma

Pirate Life Brewing - South Coast Pale Ale (includes the 3.5 and Ultra Low versions) - Cashmere, Wai-iti, Taiheke

Pirate Life Brewing - Acai & Passionfruit Sour - Enigma

Pirate Life Brewing - Lager - Spalt, Perle

Pirate Life Brewing - Pale Ale - Mosaic, Cascade

Pirate Life Brewing - IPA - Centennial, Riwaka, Simcoe

Pirate Life Brewing - Mosaic Single  Hop IPA - Mosaic (who would have guessed?)

Pirate Life Brewing - Stout - Perle, Taiheke

Pirate Life Brewing - IIPA - Centennial, Columbus, Mosaic, Simcoe

Pirate Life Brewing - Lager Italiana - Pacifica, Saphir

Pirate Life Brewing - California Pale Ale - Idaho 7, Mosaic, Strata

Pirate Life Brewing - Hazy IPA - Citra, Taiheke, Wai-iti, Mosaic

Pirate Life Brewing - Hazy XPA - Citra, Motueka, Superdelic

Brew Dog make all of their recipes available via DIY Dog but in the interest of completeness, we've added a selection of their current beers to this list

Brew Dog - Cold Beer Pale Ale - Chinook, Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe

Brew Dog - Hard Core IPA - Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe

Brew Dog - Hop Fiction - Citra, Ekuanot

Brew Dog - Hazy Jane - Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe

Brew Dog - Nanny State (Low Alcohol) - Ahtanum, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe

Brew Dog - Lost Lager - Spalter Select

Brew Dog - Valley Draught - Spalter

Brew Dog - Punk XPA - Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe

James Squire - Lashes Pale Ale - Amarillo, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Williamette

James Squire - Stride Low Carb Pale Ale - Galaxy, Mosaic

James Squire - Shackles Lager - Hallertauer Mittelfruh

James Squire - Limited Edition XPA - Amarillo, Citra lupulin, El Dorado

Young Henrys - Swing Juice Country Club XPA - Topaz, Cascade, Citra Cryo

Young Henrys - Cold XPA - Topaz, Cascade, Galaxy

Young Henrys - Newtowner Australian Pale Ale - Topaz, Vic Secret, Cascade, Galaxy

Young Henrys - Natural Lager - Summer, Helga

Young Henrys - Hazy Pale Ale - Topaz, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Calypso

Young Henrys - Stayer Mid - Topaz, Eclipse, Citra Lupomax

Young Henrys - IPA - Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Galaxy, Calypso, Citra Lupomax, Simcoe, Mosaic

Young Henrys - Motorcycle Oil Hoppy Porter - Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Citra Lupomax

Georgetown Brewing Company - Manny's Pale Ale - Summit, Cascade

Georgetown Brewing Company - Roger's Pilsner - Sterling

Georgetown Brewing Company- Lucille (IPA) - Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe, Citra, Comet

Georgetown Brewing Company- 9LB Porter - Summit, Chinook

Georgetown Brewing Company- Johnny Utah - Citra, Mosaic

Georgetown Brewing Company- Bodhizafa - Chinook, Citra, Mosaic, Columbus

Sweetwater Brewing Company - Gummies Fruit Punch IPA - Citra

Sweetwater Brewing Company - Gone Trippin' West Coast-Style IPA - Centennial, Cascade, Crystal, Chinook, Citra

Sweetwater Brewing Company - American Lager - Crystal, Hallertau

Sweetwater Brewing Company - H.A.Z.Y. Double IPA - Strata, El Dorado, Sultana

Sweetwater Brewing Company - 420 Extra Pale Ale - Centennial, Cascade

Sweetwater Brewing Company - H.A.Z.Y. IPA - Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, Azacca

Sweetwater Brewing Company - IPA - Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe

Sweetwater Brewing Company - High Light Lo-Cal Easy IPA - El Dorado, Crystal, Bravo, Lupulin Powder Blend

Sweetwater Brewing Company - Blue (Wheat Ale) - Centennial

Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Squeezed IPA - Citra, Mosaic

Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Haze IPA - Amarillo, Cashmere, Mandarina Bavaria, Bravo

Deschutes Brewery - Symphonic Chronic Double Dank IPA - Citra, Chinook, CTZ, Mosaic, Simcoe, Idaho 7

Deschutes Brewery - Tropical Fresh IPA - Mosaic, Simcoe, Strata, Experimental 586

Deschutes Brewery - Squeezy Rider West Coast IPA - Cascade, Strata, Mosaic, Galaxy

Deschutes Brewery - Hazy Tron Imperial Hazy IPA - Simcoe Cryo, Experimental 360, Chinook

Samuel Adams - Boston Lager - Hallertau Mittelfrueh, Tettnang, Tettnanger

Samuel Adams - Just the Haze IPA - Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, Cascade 

Samuel Adams - American Light Lager - HBC 682, Vista

Samuel Adams - Wicked Hazy NEIPA - Galaxy, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, Cascade

Samuel Adams - Wicked Easy Session IPA - Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe

Samuel Adams - Golden Pilsner - Hallertau Mittelfrueh, Tettnang, Tettnanger

Samuel Adams - Cherry Wheat Ale - Hallertau Mittelfrueh

Victory Brewing Company - Brotherly Love Hazy IPA - Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, El Dorado

Victory Brewing Company - Classic Easy Drinkin' Lager - Hallertau

Victory Brewing Company - Dirtwolf Double IPA - Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook

Victory Brewing Company - Cloudwalker Hazy Juicy IPA - Citra, Mosaic

Victory Brewing Company - Prima Pils German Style Pilsner - Tettnang, Hallertau, Spalt, Saaz

Victory Brewing Company - Hop Devil IPA - Cascade, Centennial

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Citra Fog Hazy IPA - Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Creme Brulee Imperial Stout - Columbus

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Mokah Imperial Stout - Columbus

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Hazelnut Stout Imperial Stout - Columbus

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Peanut Butter Cup Imperial Stout - Columbus

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Nu Haze Hazy Smooth IPA - Idaho 7, Simcoe, Mosaic

Southern Tier Brewing Co - 2XHaze Hazy Juicy Double IPA - Citra, Mosaic

Southern Tier Brewing Co - 2XJuice Jolt Extra Juicy Double IPA - Mosaic, Citra, Idaho 7, Simcoe, HBC 630, Amarillo, CTZ

Southern Tier Brewing Co - Juice Jolt Extra Juicy IPA - Mosaic, Citra, Idaho 7, Simcoe, HBC 630, Amarillo, CTZ

Southern Tier Brewing Co - 2XIPA Double IPA - Citra, Simcoe, CTZ, Cascade, Centennial

Allagash Brewing Company - Allagash White Belgian-Style Wheat Beer - Nugget, Crystal, Czech Saaz

Allagash Brewing Company - Hop Reach IPA - Nugget, Mosaic, Idaho 7, Cascade, Citra, Cashmere, El Dorado

Allagash Brewing Company - Tripel Golden Ale - Nugget, Hallertau

Allagash Brewing Company - Curieux Barrel-Aged Golden Ale - Nugget, Hallertau

Allagash Brewing Company - Gatherwell Boubon Barrel-Aged Stout - Nugget, Northern Brewer

Allagash Brewing Company - North Sky Stout - Northern Brewer, Cascade

Allagash Brewing Company - Sixteen Counties Maine-Grown Golden Ale - Cascade, Nugget, Northern Brewer

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Midwest IPA - Triumph, Strata, Cascade, Citra

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Vibacious Double IPA - Apollo, Cashmere, Citra

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Juicy Vibacious Double IPA - Apollo, Cashmere, Citra

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Dortmunder Gold Lager - Cascade, Mt Hood

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Hazecraft IPA - Simcoe, Azacca, Lemondrop, Mosaic

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Elliot Ness Amber Lager - Mt Hood

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Commodore Perry IPA - Simcoe, Williamette, Cascade

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Edmund Fitzgerald - Northern Brewer, Williamette, Cascade

If you've found this useful or have come across any popular breweries (who advertise what hops are included in their beers) on their website, leave a comment below!

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