Tuesday 12 January 2021

Citra SMaSH Recipe (All-Grain)

This is my first all-grain brew - so I've decided to go with something very simple for my first brewing attempt on my new 35L BrewZilla

A SMaSH beer is an acronym for Single MAlt and Single Hop - which makes the recipe very straightforward. For the malt, I'll be using pale malt, and for the hop I'll be using one of my personal favourites, citra.

Batch Number: 11

Batch Volume: 25L

Fermentables: 5kg Brewers Malt (2-Row Briess)

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.042
Original Gravity: 1.047

Hop Schedule:
12g Citra (14.1%) - 60 mins
25g Citra (14.1%) - 10 mins
15g Citra (14.1%) - 5 mins
35g Citra (14.1%) - Dry Hop (3 days prior to bottling)

Yeast: US05

Mash Water: 21.75L
Sparge Water: 11.25L

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