Tuesday 12 January 2021

Moving to All-Grain Brewing

 Moving to All-Grain Brewing

After several home brew batches using extract only, and some partial mashes - I decided it was time to take the next step in my homebrewing journey and dive into all-grain brewing.

Getting into all-grain can be quite dauting - but I felt I had a reasonably sound knowledge in terms of brewing practice - I was already doing partial boils with some grains, so changing this from a partial to a full mash didn't seem like a huge leap - so long as I had the right equipment to do so.

Enter the BrewZilla - formerly known as the Robobrew. An all-in-one brewing vessel specially designed as an entry level unit to get people into all-grain homebrewing.

It comes in a 35L and a 65L version - I've gone with the 35L version as I just don't need to make batches as big as 65L

The Brewzilla has some excellent features - a programmable display for "step mashing", 2 heating elements, 1 x 1900W and 1 x 500W, a recirculation pump as well as a tap. It also comes with an immersion chiller which is really a must-have in order to cool a batch size this large in a reasonable amount of time.

At the time of writing, I've done only a single brew with the BrewZilla - and the difference in flavour between this and extract brewing truly is night and day - there is just no comparison.

So moving forward, my recipes will now be all-grain and am very much looking forward to future batches being made on my BrewZilla!

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