Tuesday 14 September 2021

Bright Brewery - Brew Grit American Brown Ale - Beer Review

Brewed By: Bright Brewery
Beer: Brew Grit - American Brown Ale
ABV: 6.1%
Malts: Biscuit, Chocolate
Hops: Cascade, Columbus
IBU: Unknown

Bright Brewery - Brew Grit American Brown Ale in the Craftd Freddy glass

"... Brewed with columbus and cascade hops, and a healthy dose of biscuit and chocolate malts, Brew Grit American Brown Ale has sweet, nutty notes and a pine and grapefruit hop aroma, all enveloped in a layer of smooth malt sweetness. Yeehaw!"


This is the first in a collection of beers received in a mixed pack from Hops to Home. I have always tended to stick to lighter coloured and more hop forward beers, like pale ales and IPA's - so I'm looking forward to trying some different types and styles of beers that I wouldn't normally buy for myself - like an American Brown Ale.

As you'd expect from a brown ale - the appearance is a very dark and deep copper colour. Plenty of thick, creamy foam was present after pouring, which also had a brownish tone to it. Brown ale's are meant to have a clear appearance, but when it's this dark it's hard to tell!

Before the beer event touches your lips - the strong aromas of chocolate, coffee and toffee are very much present and sneaking straight up your nose.

Initial taste is a very malt forward sweetness - almost like brown sugar and golden syrup. Nice. After the initial flavour hit, the taste mellows a bit where the rest of the more subtle sweet flavours shine through, balanced with a nice bitterness from the columbus and cascade hops.

At 6.1% it sneaks up on you a little bit - the alcohol content is well masked by the strong flavours all round.

I certainly wasn't picking up on the pine and grapefruit notes mentioned on the can, but still very much enjoyed it nonetheless.

Brew Grit American Brown Ale Can Notes



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