Thursday 30 September 2021

KegLand - BrewZilla Gen 4 - Preview

The BrewZilla Gen 4 is now available on the KegLand website - check out our reaction and first impressions for the confirmed features and price

In a recent YouTube video, Kee from KegLand disclosed some information about the next generation of their all in one brewing vessel - the BrewZilla. The next generation will be Gen 4 and will supersede the current 3.1.1 version.

BrewZilla Gen 4 (used with permission from KegLand)

Key Confirmed Features

  • Wifi Controller
  • Display mounted up on the side of the unit
  • Display can be tilted up/down
  • Display disconnects from the base unit
  • Base now drains out completely
  • CIP (Cleaning in Place) functionality
  • Spray nozzle/jet 
  • Internet Connectivity - RAPT integration for temperature tracking for mashing etc
  • Bluetooth repeater functionality to allow for 3rd party integration such as bluetooth temperature probes
  • Compatibility with currently available boil extenders

Release Date

Late 2021 for Australia - early 2022 for the rest of the world.

Update 29/12/21 - The official KegLand account on the Aussie Home Brewer forum confirmed that they (KegLand) currently have some stock of the Brewzilla Gen 4 in Australia, but didn't want to release it just before Christmas and have people unsupported because of the usual Christmas shutdowns. Link to the thread is below along with a screenshot of the KegLand forum post.

Expected release date is now mid to late January as indicated from the post below (for Australia). The release to the rest of the world is expected during the first quarter of 2022.


Check out the previously mentioned YouTube video here

Other Speculative Features

It's hard to imagine KegLand would deviate too far from what is already a very popular format with their existing 3.1.1 version of the BrewZilla. Many of the key features I expect would remain on the Gen 4 version such as;

  • Built in pump for recirculation
  • 35L and 65L versions
  • Removable malt pipe (although hopefully they improve the handle to lift/remove the malt pipe, as people often complain about the 3.1.1 handle being too small and not fitting correctly)
  • Standardised camlock fittings for recirculation arm, whirlpool arm attachment 
  • Expect some sort of cleaning arm, or way to connect the previously mentioned spray nozzle/jet onto the recirculation arm for CIP (Cleaning in Place)
  • Sight glass for more accurate volume measurement and also checking wort clarity during recirculation
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Stainless ball valve with barb fitting
  • Separately controllable heating elements
  • Improved electronics/reliability - no doubt by relocating some of the electronics/wiring away from the base of the unit where the heating elements are should improve the reliability of these components. Fried circuit boards are a reasonably common sight on Facebook groups/forums.
  • Integration with the KegLand RAPT ecosystem

Some other questions and things to think about

  • Expect the size of the unit to be roughly the same - can those with previous/current versions of the BrewZilla use and retain the existing immersion chiller and reduce the upfront cost of upgrading?

  • Option to remove the centre overflow pipe and include the pro screen instead

What are you hoping to see in the next generation of the BrewZilla? Will you be upgrading? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I have since 2018 a Robobrew and am still happy with it. Yea, this has a lot of bells and whistles, but not needed for me. If I was buying my first all in one, I would take a good look at this for sure.

    1. I also have the 3.1.1 and am more than happy with it. Biggest complaint as with most users is the location of the controls and display screen - crawling on the ground to get to it can be a pain at times!

    2. Simple solution - place it on a low stool/shelf/table.

    3. this is true - but having it raised off floor level can make it difficult/awkward to lift the malt pipe out when it's full (without needing a step ladder or pulley system)

  2. On this video they mention that the extender is also compatible with v4.

    1. Thanks Andrew - I've updated the article accordingly.

  3. Any more updates on this being released in Aus or not? On hold for the Gen 4 and its taking some time!

    1. the Gen 4 has just appeared on the Kegland website with a release date of February 16, 2022