Wednesday 29 December 2021

Upcoming KegLand Product Releases for 2022

Here are the speculated upcoming product releases for 2022 from KegLand. Some are 100% confirmed since the products are visible on the KegLand website - others are from a reputable source (see bottom of page).

Brewzilla Generation 4

Check out our blog post on the upcoming Brewzilla Generation 4. Expected release is from Mid January for Australia, and some time in the first quarter of 2022 for the rest of the world.

RAPT Temperature Controller

RAPT is the KegLand technology ecosystem that will be used to interconnect different devices such as their Pill hydrometer/thermometer, Brewzilla Gen 4, fermentation fridge and temperature controller. The temperature controller as you'd expect is similar to the common Inkbird temperature controllers, with 'hot' and 'cold' plugs, and is currently showing on the KegLand website 

Some of the key features include;

  • PID heating function to reduce the chance of scorching and deliver more reliable temperature control with less fluctuations
  • Working temperature range from -20c to 120c
  • Various mounting options
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Full colour screen
An example scenario of how the RAPT system will work would be having the RAPT temperature controller being sent a signal to enable the cooling plug when the RAPT pill reaches the expected terminal gravity for the current brew. This kind of inter connectivity between devices is not currently possible, with cooling and heating functions being determined by time or temperature only. A whole range of automation and possibilities will be opened with the development of these products which is incredibly exciting for homebrewers.

Benchy Carbon

The Benchy Carbon is a 12-24V DC portable inline keg dispensing unit. This will allow for beer to be chilled and served from a non-chilled keg. The beer is chilled 'inline' as it is poured and processed through the unit. The most obvious use for this would be for camping and off-grid applications, given it's 12V power capabilities, but can also be powered from regular house hold power outlets with a specialised power adapter.

The inline chilling functionality is achieved via a carbon heat sink which means no glycol or other liquids are required which is a huge benefit as typically glycol needs to be removed from chilling systems prior to transportation in order to avoid spillage. Not having this limitation is a real game changer.

The Benchy Carbon is currently showing on the KegLand website 

Hop Bong

The hop bong is a dry hopping device aimed to improve dry hopping by reducing/eliminating oxygen ingress when dry hopping. It's a tall, narrow tube with a tri clamp opening on either end, and an angled port where a carbonation cap can be fitted. It will be available in two tri clamp sizes - 1.5 inch and 2 inch. 

Tri clamp fittings are an interesting detail here as it means this product will not be compatible with any of their Fermzilla products as they don't have any tri clamp connections. Their 29L and 58L kegmenters do have tri clamp connections though so it will work with these.

Check out our Rundown and First Impressions on the KegLand Hop Bong.

Tri Clamp Connections for the FermZilla

In order to allow connectivity of products like the Hop Bong mentioned above, it appears that tri clamp connectivity is coming to the Fermzilla range. From what we understand, this will be limited to the bottom port of the Conical Fermzilla and not the top port meaning unfortunately, the ever popular all-rounder Fermzilla model will miss out.

This product has now been released by KegLand - check out our first impressions of the FermZilla Tri-Conical here

Stainless Steel FermZilla

Potentially the most exciting bit of info is the possibility of a stainless steel FermZilla. The current range of FermZilla's are made of PET plastic, which has it's benefits - it's cheap, light, and clear (so you can see your beer fermenting), but they inevitably have a limited life span. A stainless model would take the Fermzilla range to the next level, and compete with the recently released Nano-X stainless fermenter range from Cheeky Peak Brewery. We'd expect to see tri clamp compatibility, pressure fermenting capabilities and a very sharp price point on these. 

Duotight Integrated Quick Disconnects

The current range of quick disconnects require a separate MFL threaded duotight adapter to have duotight capability. A new range of quick disconnects appear to be on the horizon that eliminate this need and have the duotight adapter built in, making for a simpler, sleeker unit with less chance of leaks. Expect them to be available for gas and liquid quick disconnects and with a flow control version as well.

These have now been released and are available from the KegLand website. As predicted, there are flow control versions available as well with separate models for gas and liquid. We've recently purchased a couple of the non flow control models, so expect a review coming soon

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