Saturday 18 December 2021

Akasha Brewing Company - Ron McClane Cryo Pop IPA - Beer Review

Review Date: 17/12/2021
Brewery Name: Akasha Project (Five Dock, NSW, Australia)
Beer Name: Ron McClane Cryo Pop IPA

Beer number 17 of our Beer Cartel Advent Calendar for 2021

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"Die Hard meets Parks and Rec in this Cryo Pop fusion of uber-fruity hop and ester flavour! Starring a secret blend from Yakima Chief that Hans Gruber would kill to get his hands on, this fun, sweetly tropical easy-drinker is the ultimate summer blockbuster. Ho, ho, ho…
Since we’re all going into the silly season with a hard-earned thirst for new experiences, we felt it was only appropriate to kick off the 12 days of Blissmas with a skyscraper-sized mash-up, and our brand new advent beer for our mates at Beer Cartel.
Say a big "yippee ki aye motherlover" to Ron McClane!
Imagine an explosive Christmas movie where a gang of machine gun-wielding international terrorists were undone in their efforts by the unyielding cynicism, anti-governmentalism and genuinely hostile sentiments of a moustachioed misanthropic middle manager, and you’re somewhere in the vicinity of where we’re coming from with this festive number.
What makes this beer so special, besides its bizarro-world immaculate conception, is the presence of Cryo Pop. We’ve taken our tried and true malt bill and made it positively drip with tropical flavour while maintaining a mild, easy-drinking smashability that’ll get people lining up around the block for a taste of the Ron, thanks to the masterminds at Yakima Chief
At 6%, this is a fun, beautifully fruity beer with a delectable aroma and a finish as dry and satisfying as the love child of Bruce and Ron’s best lines from their respective star vehicles.
We can’t tell you quite what’s in it – the specific hops are as tightly a held secret as the access codes to the vaults of Nakatomi Tower – but we can tell you that you can expect a C4-grade bomb of tropical and citrus flavours that’ll have you saying ‘ho, ho, how good is this?” at Christmas lunch.
Snap it up, crack it out, and blow your thirst to kingdom come this Christmas with the sass and class of Ron McClane and Akasha!

Akasha Brewing Company - Ron McClane Cryo Pop IPA Can


Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 6% (Standard/High)

Label/Design: 8/10

Serving Style: Can

Region of Origin: Pacific (Australia, New Zealand)

Style Family: IPA

Malts/Adjuncts: Unknown

Hops: Unknown

IBU's: Unknown

Akasha Brewing Company - Ron McClane Cryo Pop IPA Can Notes


Colour: Deep Gold


Brilliant Clear Slight Haze Hazy

Collar of Foam & Head Retention


(Up to 15 secs)

(15 - 60 secs) 

(more than 60 secs)

Foam Texture

N/A Thin Fluffy Mousse-Like

Carbonation (Visible)

None Slow Medium Fast-Rising Bubbles

Alcohol Aroma

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Aroma & Flavour

Esters Aroma: None
Phenols: Vanilla

Alcohol Taste:

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Hop Pungency:

Mild Moderate Strong Extreme

Hop Bitterness:

Restrained Moderate Aggressive Harsh

Malt Sweetness:

Low Medium High Cloying


Low Medium High


Light Bodied
Medium Bodied
(Light + Full)
Full Bodied
(Round, Rich & Creamy)

Palate Carbonation: 

Low Medium High


(Up to 15 seconds)
(15 to 60 seconds)
(More than 60 seconds)

Oxidative/Aged Qualities: None

Akasha Brewing Company - Jon McClane Cryo Pop IPA in the Craftd Alpha Glass


Drinkability: 9/10

Overall Impression: 9/10


The last beer we had by Akasha was awesome and one of our best scoring of all the beers we've ever reviewed. And this one proves it was no fluke - it's just as good. There's a unique flavour undertone here that is hard to describe or pick - perhaps vanilla? But it's awesome. The sweetness of the malt, and fruit salad flavours from the hops blend seamlessly to make an incredible tasting beer. Plenty of body, plenty of fizz/carbonation and surprisingly no noticeable haze. This beer is great!

PS. Die Hard IS a Christmas movie!

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