Sunday 19 December 2021

Modus Operandi Brewing Co - Halo Hunter - Belgian White Hazy IPA - Beer Review

Review Date: 18/12/2021
Brewery Name: Modus Operandi Brewing Co (Mona Vale, NSW, Australia)
Beer Name: Halo Hunter - Belgian White Hazy IPA

Beer number 18 of our Beer Cartel Advent Calendar for 2021

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"It's been the year of Hazys. But have you had a Belgian White Hazy IPA? After a big, wild, cluster-f&%k of a year, we think it's time for something surprising, delighting, tantalising. Ya feelin me. Introducing Halo Hunter Belgian White Hazy IPA.
At 7.0% this is a surprisingly easy drinking brew with an exceptionally pleasant balance between malt, yeast and hops. Candied citrus, tropics and orange on the nose thanks to a good ol' double dry hop of citra and centennial with some orange peel loaded in for extra measure and an undertone of spice and pepper from the elegant Belgian yeast. A soft and fluffy mouthfeel from the pilsner, wheat malts and rolled oats carries the strong citrus and spice haze. Treat yourself. Take it slow. Pour it into a glass to really treasure this liquid, enjoy the light spunky white head and the festive hazy glow.
Happy Christmas ya legend. You have deserved this! Thanks for supporting Aussie made and owned beer. Luv ya - Modus Brewing. 

Modus Operandi - Halo Hunter Belgian White Hazy IPA Can


Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 7% (High)

Label/Design: 8/10

Serving Style: Can

Region of Origin: Pacific (Australia, New Zealand)

Style Family: IPA

Malts/Adjuncts: Pilsner, Wheat, Rolled Oats, Orange Peel

Hops: Citra, Centennial

IBU's: Unknown


Colour: Straw


Brilliant Clear Slight Haze Hazy

Collar of Foam & Head Retention


(Up to 15 secs)

(15 - 60 secs) 

(more than 60 secs)

Foam Texture

N/A Thin Fluffy Mousse-Like

Carbonation (Visible)

None Slow Medium Fast-Rising Bubbles

Alcohol Aroma

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Aroma & Flavour

Esters Aroma: None
Phenols: White Pepper (expected with Belgian style yeasts)

Alcohol Taste:

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Hop Pungency:

Mild Moderate Strong Extreme

Hop Bitterness:

Restrained Moderate Aggressive Harsh

Malt Sweetness:

Low Medium High Cloying


Low Medium High


Light Bodied
Medium Bodied
(Light + Full)
Full Bodied
(Round, Rich & Creamy)

Palate Carbonation: 

Low Medium High


(Up to 15 seconds)
(15 to 60 seconds)
(More than 60 seconds)

Oxidative/Aged Qualities: None

Modus Operandi - Halo Hunter Belgian White Hazy IPA in the Craftd Alpha glass


Drinkability: 8/10

Overall Impression: 8/10


The Belgian yeast in this ipa gives it an interesting twist by adding some spicy and peppery notes. The malt backbone is fairly neutral, and plenty of fruity flavours from the hops as well. It all combines really well for a full, dry, and refreshing finish that leaves a pleasant lingering flavour in the mouth.  A nice twist on the classic/traditional IPA styles.

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