Monday 6 December 2021

Jetty Road Brewery - Dank & Stormy Black IPA - Beer Review

Review Date: 5/12/2021
Brewery Name: Jetty Road Brewery (Dromana, Victoria, Australia)
Beer Name: Dank & Stormy Black IPA

Beer number 5 of our Beer Cartel Advent Calendar for 2021

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"Jetty Road Brewery – where we brew the good life into every beer we make in the hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. There’s probably no better time to crack into something special with a mate or loved one than Christmas in Australia, when the days are long and the ocean’s warm(ish).

So with this in mind we were stoked to brew this Black IPA for Beer Cartel’s 2021 Advent Calendar. You might already be familiar with our love for brewing and drinking IPAs, which made making this one a real treat to bring together for you to enjoy during the festive season - as if you needed a reason to enjoy a Jetty Road brew!

Brewed with a love of all things summer on the Mornington Peninsula, a balanced blend of Centennial, Chinook and Citra Lupomax hops, and a bit of lime because.. why not, it’s Christmas!"

Jetty Road Brewery - Dank and Stormy Can


Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 6% (Standard)

Label/Design: 7/10

Serving Style: Can - 375ml

Region of Origin: Pacific (Australia, New Zealand)

Style Family: IPA (Black IPA)

Malts/Adjuncts: Lime

Hops: Centennial, Chinook, Citra Lupomax

IBU's: Unknown

Jetty Road Dank & Stormy Can Notes


Colour: Black


Brilliant Clear Slight Haze Hazy

Collar of Foam & Head Retention


(Up to 15 secs)

(15 - 60 secs) 

(more than 60 secs)

Foam Texture

N/A Thin Fluffy Mousse-Like

Carbonation (Visible)

None Slow Medium Fast-Rising Bubbles

Alcohol Aroma

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Aroma & Flavour

Esters Aroma: None
Phenols: None

Alcohol Taste:

Not Detectable Mild Noticeable Strong Harsh

Hop Bitterness:

Restrained Moderate Aggressive Harsh

Malt Sweetness:

Low Medium High Cloying


Low Medium High


Light Bodied
Medium Bodied
(Light + Full)
Full Bodied
(Round, Rich & Creamy)

Palate Carbonation: 

Low Medium High


(Up to 15 seconds)
(15 to 60 seconds)
(More than 60 seconds)

Oxidative/Aged Qualities: None


Jetty Road Brewery - Dank & Stormy Black IPA in the Craftd Alpha glass


Overall Impression: 6/10


Black IPA's really are a little bit self contradicting. Since IPA's are generally more hop forward and dominant, yet with black IPA's the reverse seems to be true. In order to get the necessary black colour, darker malts much be used which tend to impart more powerful flavours that can overpower and dominate the hops. In this case we found lots of dark chocolate, some coffee and even burnt/roasty notes as well. Makes for a really interesting experience but what we found surprising was a distinct lack of fruity notes, especially considering the type of hops that were used.

Still a good and well balanced example of a black IPA.

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