Monday 27 September 2021

Hawkers - Original Saison - Beer Review

Brewed By: Hawkers
Beer: Original Saison
ABV: 5.6%
Malts: Unknown
Hops: Fuggles, EK Golding, Grains of Paradise
IBU: Unknown

Hawkers Original Saison in the Craftd Alpha glass

"Only around for a brief stay, the Original Saison is a modern representation of an old world style - effervescent and refreshing with characteristic peppery undertones. 'Tis the Saison."


This is my first Saison. I've read a little bit about them and was curious to try the style myself for something different to the usual ales and occasional lagers I typically drink.

The first thing that struck me after my first sip was the unique taste and flavour of this beer. For anyone who hasn't tried one (a Saison) before, I'd describe it as a "spicy lager". It's a very unique and distinctive taste - not a lot of (fruity) hop presence - which isn't a surprise given the classic English hops that are used.

In the glass it comes out a nice golden straw colour. Plenty of clarity and loads of foamy head - likely because of the relatively high level of carbonation that the Saison style calls for.

The malt flavour is smooth and subtle and really takes a back seat to the yeast which really dominates and gives it a special, funky kind of taste. "Peppery" is a good word to describe it and is often used to describe Saison's, and this one is certainly no exception. There are some hints of banana on the nose before the complex spice combination comes to the fore after each sip.

Although I don't have experience with other Saison's to compare it to - this one certainly seems to tick all the boxes for what the Saison style calls for. I quite enjoyed it but the unique flavour means it's the sort of beer I'd enjoy occassionally, and not regularly. Hawkers perhaps feel the same way which is why they're saying (on their website) that this particular beer will only be around for "a brief stay".



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