Tuesday 19 October 2021

Deeds Brewing - Double Lamington Imperial Brown Ale - Beer Review

Brewed By: Deeds Brewing (Glen Iris, Melbourne)
Beer: Double Lamington - Imperial Brown Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Malts: Unknown
Hops: Unknown
IBU: Unknown
Other: Lactose, Raspberry, Coconut and Natural Flavourings

Deeds Brewing - Double Lamington Imperial Brown Ale in the Craftd Alpha glass

"Turning up the volume on a beer like Lamington Ale was only a matter of time. Double Lamington continues our quest to share dessert in a glass. Light chocolate notes and a healthy dose of coconut are joined by a massive hit of jam as we've added a huge amount of raspberry puree straight into the fermenter.
This Imperial Brown is comfort food, liquified for your enjoyment. Sweet, slightly boozy, and the perfect addition to an evening"


This beer is fun and we found ourselves enjoying more than we ever would have predicted. The description shown above - taken directly from the can label is probably one of the most accurate previews or descriptions for a beer we've seen - it's spot on. 

Unsurprisingly, straight out of the glass we've got a deep, dark brown beer with the colour also seeping into the thick foamy head. The aromas before even taking a sip are inescapable - and then when you do, it's like a punch straight to the taste buds.

"Cherry ripe" was the very first flavour that came to mind - which is strange since this beer uses raspberries and not cherries - although they do both share the dark chocolate and coconut flavours.

And what a combination of flavours this is - the raspberry puree, lactose, coconut and chocolate tones from the malt all blend together perfectly for what can only be described as a "dessert beer". Each sip just keeps you coming back for more.  The coconut notes themselves are subtle, but the full complement of fruit flavours just work so well with each other.

Deeds Brewing - Double Lamington Imperial Brown Ale can

There is quite a noticeable alcohol presence - with 8.5% ABV this is unavoidable - but it's certainly nice. I'd liken it to a dessert wine - such as a muscat - except this is beer, so it's better. 

Mouthfeel is a little thicker which is appropriate for what this beer is trying to do - dessert in a glass, as Deeds Brewing say so themselves.

A really fun and enjoyable novelty beer - would highly recommend.



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