Wednesday 27 October 2021

White Bay - Hazy IPA #2 - Beer Review

Brewed By: White Bay (Rozelle, Sydney, Australia)
Beer: Hazy IPA #2
ABV: 6.3
Malts: Unknown
Hops: Unknown
IBU: Unknown

White Bay Hazy IPA #2 Can

Just to mix things up were making another hazy IPA. Lush tropical citrus, melon and berries abound in a very soft package courtesy of the protein rich malt base.


Hazy IPA #2 is a generically named, yet special and limited release beer from White Bay brewery in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information available on exactly what's contained within this beer - but it's certainly good!

The beer pours a beautiful, pale yellow colour - this has a "protein rich malt base" which we interpret to mean a mixture of pale/pilsner malt, along with other adjuncts such as wheat and/or oats. Wheat and oats are basically a must-have to get a beer hazy like this one is. Once poured the beer then settles with a nice cloud-like, fluffy white head. The hop aromas are inescapable as they basically start jumping out of the glass (and can).

A definite bitterness makes itself known with each sip of this one - which is then followed by the tropical fruit hop flavours. We picked up lots of pineapple and stone fruit notes on the nose and on the tongue - though White Bay also claim melon and berries flavours are present.

All in all this is a well balanced IPA and another good example of a hazy beer. Plenty of bitterness which is well matched with plenty of fruit flavour and aroma making for an easy drinking beer. There's also a strong alcohol presence with 6.3% ABV but is well masked by the strong flavours at hand.

White Bay Hazy IPA #2 in the Craftd Alpha glass



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