Tuesday 23 November 2021

Ocean Reach Brewing - Hazy IPA - Beer Review

Brewed By: Ocean Reach Brewing (Phillip Island, Australia)
Beer: Hazy IPA
ABV: 6%
Malts: Unknown
Hops: El Dorado
IBU: Unknown

Ocean Reach Brewing - Hops to Home - Hazy IPA Can

"A single hop Hazy IPA packed with bold tropical fruit flavours, reminiscent of pineapple and mango. So ride, boldly ride, to the end of the haziness. Rise, boldly rise, till you find El Dorado"


Another special release beer in partnership with Hops to Home - Ocean Reach Brewing's Hazy IPA is another tasty example within the Hazy IPA genre.

The timing of this tasting was excellent - with our latest SMaSH brew using the same single hop variety, El Dorado, as what this Hazy IPA has.

The can design itself is pretty cool, with it's elements giving a subtle nod to the South American myth of El Dorado.

Opening the can and pouring into our Craftd Alpha glass, and unsurprisingly we have a light straw coloured beer with the slightest of golden tinges poking through. A prominent white fluffy cloud-like head settles on top and slowly dissipates away.

Ocean Reach Brewing Hazy IPA in the Craftd Alpha glass

As you'd expect, we've got lots of fruit notes - we picked up alot of stone fruit and melon flavours and not so much of the pineapple and mango that were claimed in the tasting notes. But in any case, the flavour is good and surprisingly complex considering there's only a single hop variety involved (hence why we wanted to test this hop for ourselves in our own beer).

There were some slight piney and dank undertones, and the bitterness tended to linger in the mouth. We also picked up a noticeable alcohol taste which is not entirely surprising given the 6% ABV, but perhaps seemed a little more pronounced than in other hazy IPA's we've had.

Mouthfeel is nice and light, making for an overall enjoyable beer and an excellent example of what can be achieved with a single hop variety like El Dorado.



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