Saturday 9 July 2022

Keg King - Quickie - Cornelius Post Dispenser Nib - Hands on Review

Sometimes you just need to need to get in and get it done with minimal fuss. Perhaps you've only got limited time in the morning before the kids wake up, or only a small window of opportunity later at night before going to sleep - and that's where the Quickie comes in.

Keg King's Quickie Box

Of course we're referring to the Quickie - a corny keg poppet depressing attachment from Keg King. Aptly named, it's a simple yet clever device made for quickly and easily moving liquid through a cornelius keg liquid post, with no additional hardware required.

The Quickie is made from two pieces of stainless steel - and it simply slips over the liquid post of any cornelius keg. Press the Quickie down which in turn depresses the poppet on the post, and the liquid flows out through the little nib attached to the side. Simple and effective.

Keg King's Quickie - Cornelius Post Dispenser Nib

We tried ours for the first time by attaching it to one of our serving kegs and dispensed some beer into a glass. With the serving pressure on the keg set at around 12psi, the beer came out with quite a bit of force and a little more foam, but this can be reduced by modulating the flow by not depressing the Quickie down all the way to fully open it up, or by reducing the serving pressure in the keg. There's also the option to attach some silicone tubing to the nib of the Quickie to provide some additional control and flow resistance. Attaching it to a mini keg and taking to parties would be an excellent use case and saves the need for disconnects, long lengths of beer line and picnic taps or pluto guns for dispensing.

Keg King's Quickie - Fitted to Cornelius Keg Ball Lock Post

Dispensing finished beer is only one possible use though. Another use for the Quickie would be to extract small amounts of beer/wort from your fermenter for the purpose of taking a gravity reading using a floating hydrometer. This has certainly been a pet peeve of ours over the years - connecting a separate liquid disconnect, beer line and pluto gun to our pressure fermenter in order to extract a couple hundred millilitre sample to use for a gravity reading - only to then have to disassemble the pieces again for cleaning and sanitizing. And we all know if you leave the cleaning part as a job for tomorrow, it will get forgotten and the next time you go to use said pluto gun it will have all sorts of build up in it from being stored warm with beer left in it. Obviously we're not the only ones who felt this way - as thankfully now there's a simple and easy alternative.

A final example use would be when cleaning or sanitizing your cornelius keg and needing to run cleaning or sanitizing solution through the liquid tube and liquid post of the keg. Put some solution into the keg, apply some pressure and pop the Quickie on the post and the job is done - no more messing around with disconnects, beer line and pluto guns/picnic taps as previously mentioned.

Keg King's Quckie - with Silicone Tubing Fitted

Cleaning is an absolute breeze with the Quickie unscrewing from the top into two separate pieces. If you rinse/wash it immediately after use then the chances of any build up occurring are almost nil, and when it's this easy why wouldn't you? 

Keg King’s Quickie - Disassembled

Being made from stainless steel it's incredibly hard wearing and durable. It also means that the harsh cleaning chemicals and sanitisers often used in homebrewing will pose no problem to it's strength and reliability.

Retailing for under AU$15, the Quickie is one of those handy tools to have in your arsenal of brewing equipment. We'll definitely be using ours regularly for cleaning and taking samples and won't be missing the dreaded cleaning of the equipment it replaces.

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