Tuesday 27 September 2022

How to connect RAPT Pill to Brewfather

If you're using the RAPT Pill or RAPT Temperature Controller, you are able to seamlessly integrate the readings from either or both of these devices directly into Brewfather. This allows for fermentation graphs to be tied/linked directly to a batch within Brewfather which is a neat way to allow fermentation graphs to appear within the batch.

The process for integrating them is really simple and is outlined below;

  1. Login to Brewfather (https://web.brewfather.app) then select Settings from the left menu.
    Under the Power-ups section, enable the slider for RAPT and copy the ID value that appears underneath.

  2. Login to the RAPT Portal (https://app.rapt.io)

  3. Click your name in the top right corner to open the drop down menu, then select Web Hooks

  4. Select Create new Web Hook > Brewfather Power-up

  5. On the Details tab, enter a name for the Webhook (the name is not important - you can call it whatever you like), then paste the ID value you copied from Brewfather in Step 1 into the Integration Id field.

  6. Select the Devices tab, then enable whatever devices you have available that you wish to integrate into Brewfather. Enabled devices have a tick next to them.
    In the example below we've enabled both our RAPT Temperature Controller and our RAPT Pill.

  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.

  8. It may take a little time for the sync from RAPT to Brewfather to occur (ours happened within an hour), but once it does Brewfather will notify you (if you have email notifications enabled), and the RAPT devices will appear within the Devices list in Brewfather.

    Note that your RAPT device(s) need to be powered on, connected to the Internet and actively submitting telemetry to the RAPT Portal for the sync process to work.

  9. If you have an active batch within Brewfather, you can then link whatever RAPT devices you wish by clicking the Devices button after selecting the Batch within Brewfather

  10. You can then attach whatever devices you wish to the batch by clicking the Attach button.

  11. After attaching devices, there is a settings cog and a bar graph icon available for each device.

    You can use the settings cog to configure gravity or temperature offsets for the corresponding device. Note the instructions about using whole numbers and not decimals for gravity offset. For our RAPT Pill, we used -4 as our Pill was reading 0.004 higher at the beginning of our fermentation than our known Original Gravity.

  12. Use the bar graph icon to enable/disable fields from being displayed/imported into Brewfather. For both devices you can enable/disable readings for Gravity, Temperature & Battery. On our Pill we opted to not show the temperature or battery values in Brewfather.

  13. Once this has been setup, you will have a nice graph appear in the batch in Brewfather logging whatever fields you have enabled.

  14. Note that you need an active Premium Brewfather subscription to utilise these features. At around AU$30 per year it's fairly easy to justify given the additional benefits you get.

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