Tuesday 31 October 2023

Custom Triple Tap Kegerator Font Decal Holder

We've previously shared the details of our 3D printed beer tap decals that we had installed on our converted fridge/kegerator with a simple decal holder that attaches to each of the taps.

The original tap decal holders we used but were no longer suitable on our triple tap font

However, after upgrading to our new outdoor kitchen setup featuring a KegLand Series X kegerator with black triple tap font, these decal holders simply didn't work for us any more.

When installed behind the tap, the decals are obstructed by the tap handle. This isn't typically a problem since most bars have the customer behind the tap, so the handle doesn't get in the way. A home bar/kegerator setup is different though, since we want to see the decal from in front of the tap. We worked around this on the previous keg fridge by off-setting the decal holders to the side as you can see in the picture above, however there just simply isn't enough space around the taps for this to work on the triple tap font as the taps are too close together.

Not wanting to give up on our on-going project of 3D printing beer decals for each of our brews, we got creative by designing and 3D printing a custom decal holder to integrate with the triple tap font.

The design itself is pretty simple and is comprised of three individual pieces. 

The first is a cap the sits on top of the font with a hole in the middle of it. 

The base/cap sits on top of the font tower with a hole in the top that the post slides into

The second component is a cylindrical rod/post that slots into the hole in the cap.

The post that joins the base/cap to the cross bar (below)

The third and final piece is the "cross bar" that sits on the post and has 3 round backing plates that the decals attach to (the decals are separate pieces and are fixed to the cross bar piece by blu-tack).

It's simple, yet effective and we love the flexibility of messing around with different fonts, colours and styles for the tap decals.

This is our second iteration of the design. We may look at making some other minor tweaks like lowering the cross bar height a little, and potentially moving the decals a little bit closer together.

The finish isn't perfect on the pieces either - some light sanding would help to smooth it all out but for a bit of fun we like the concept, and as far as we're aware there's nothing like it that can be currently purchased.

What do you think? Would you make any further adjustments to the design? Let us know in the comments below.

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