Thursday 23 September 2021

How Much to Dry Hop?

 Obviously when making beer - recipe formulation is very important. One of the key components or ingredients for a large variety of beer styles now is "dry hopping". This is the addition of hops to the beer during or after primary fermentation. Dry hopping a beer allows for the more 'pleasing' aromas of hops to be imparted into a beer - rather than the bittering that is derived from the hops alpha acid when they are added during the boiling of the wort. These pleasant aromas can be anywhere from woody, earthy or piny - all the way to floral or fruity.

Here's a quick reference guide on how much to dry hop in common beer styles

Pale Ales/Amber Ales (3-5% ABV)

2g - 4g per L 


6g - 8g per L

Double IPA's

8g - 10g per L

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