Sunday 2 May 2021

Brewfather Equipment Profile for BrewZilla (How To Guide)

Brewfather is my choice of application for brewing. The application is free (you can upgrade to a paid version to get access to additional features), but for me the free version is sufficient. I find it useful for inputting recipes into - and as an added bonus it already has a built in Brewzilla equipment profile which seems very accurate based on the few brews I've done with it. After entering a recipe it will give you information on how much mash water you'll need, how much sparge water you'll need, and can even do water adjustments if you enter a water profile based on the water you use for brewing.

You can of course customise the profile if necessary to dial it in based on your required numbers and efficiency ratings. 

To set/change the equipment profile, follow the steps below;

  1. Open the Brewfather app/website
  2. Load/open the recipe - in this example we'll use the Sample Blonde Ale

  3. Click the Change Equipment Profile button in the top right corner

  4. Enter brewzilla into the search box then select the corresponding entry for the 35L or 65L model

  5. If necessary you can adjust the values for brewhouse efficiency, boiloff rate, water/grain ratio but I've found the default values to be very close/accurate. Click Save in the bottom right corner

  6. You may be prompted to scale the recipe - click Yes
  7. Any future recipes you create should now automatically use this profile

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