Wednesday 2 June 2021

FermZilla - Webbing/Strap Fitting Instructions

The straps are a great and effective way of attaching the Fermzilla to the included metal stand. This makes it much easier to move the Fermzilla by picking it up by the handles and having the base move with it - a must have accessory! Unfortunately they don't come with any instructions on how to fit, so I made some myself.

Follow the steps below to attach the straps

  1. Start by fitting the small hole at the 'center' of the webbing over the top of the Fermzilla
  2. Run the length of the strap under the metal base support and back up to the clip
  3. Feed the strap through the clip from the underside - use the upper gap as pictured below
    Feed the strap up through the bottom

  4. Feed the strap back down through the gap at the bottom of the clip and pull tight

    Feed strap back through the gap and pull tight

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other 2 straps/clips
  6. Tidy up any excess bits of strap with rubber bands - especially useful if you are using the 35L fermzilla (as the straps are universal so they can also be used with the larger 65L fermzilla

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