Wednesday 20 October 2021

How to scale recipes in Brewfather for the BrewZilla

In a previous blog post we covered how to select and setup the BrewZilla profile within Brewfather as an equipment profile. But did you know that you can then use this equipment profile within Brewfather to automatically scale any recipe within Brewfather to match the BrewZilla profile?

This is a great feature - since one of the great things about Brewfather is it's impressive recipe library - what this means is you can take any recipe within the Brewfather recipe library and scale it to your BrewZilla profile to get accurate measurements of malt and hops that are required - regardless of what equipment or batch size the original recipe was using.

Here's how you do it

  1. Login to Brewfather

  2. Select Library from the left menu

  3. Search for and select the Recipe you'd like to use. In this example we'll use the most viewed recipe in the library - the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

  4. After selecting the recipe to open it, click the Copy button located in the lower right corner

  5. This will copy the Recipe to your list of Recipes within Brewfather. Select Recipes from the left menu in Brewfather then select the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recipe

  6. Click the button to change the Equipment Profile as pictured below. In this example you can see the Equipment profile is currently set to BB60 NoSparge 25liter

  7. Select the BrewZilla / RoboBrew 35L profile (or use the 65L profile if you have the larger 65L Brewzilla)

  8. Click the Save button (in the lower right corner). Brewfather should now prompt you to scale the recipe. Click Yes

  9. The values for ingredients such as  hops and fermentables will now automatically update accordingly. You can use the Undo button at the top of the screen to reverse the change and compare the before and after values. 

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