Tuesday 5 October 2021

How to fix an over carbonated keg

In my previous blog post I ran through some different methods of force carbonating your beer in a keg. Some of the methods involve a risk of over-carbonating the beer inside. You'll know if this has happened as you'll likely get loads of foam when pouring the beer out. There can be other factors that cause this, but if beers normally pour OK from your taps, and they suddenly start coming out all foam after force carbonating, then you've likely over-carbonated.

Here's how to fix it

  1. Disconnect the gas line from the keg.
  2. Purge the headspace in the keg by pulling the pressure release valve (PRV). Hold the PRV open until all the gas has been purged.
  3. Leave the keg disconnected from the gas for 3 hours. Some gas will naturally come out of solution to fill the headspace of the keg. The process can be sped up by leaving the keg out of the fridge so the temperature of the beer increases. As the beer becomes warmer, more CO2 will come out of solution.
  4. After 3 hours, purge the headspace of the keg again by pulling the PRV.
  5. Set the keg to serving pressure (10-12psi)
  6. Test pouring a beer (if you let the keg warm up you may need to chill it again before testing).
  7. If necessary, repeat Steps 2-6.

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